What does BM mean in daycare?

What does BM imply in daycare?
• Bowel Actions: Circle the BM every time your. child has a bowel motion or poopy diaper. It’s OK in case your child has extra breastfeeding’s, moist diapers or bowel actions than the purpose for the day. You possibly can write in further Bf’s, W’s or BM’s.

What’s the full imply of SMH?
smh. (additionally SMH) abbreviation for shaking my head: used, for instance on social media and in textual content messages, when you don’t consider one thing, or don’t approve of it. SMART Vocabulary: associated phrases and phrases. Web, e mail and texting conventions.

What’s the full type of LOL?

What’s an op gangster?
Contact tutor. 7 years in the past. whats up, ‘opp’ is Opp is a slang phrase that means opposition; it’s typically utilized by criminals to seek advice from their enemies, similar to rival gang members. This slang is not take into account a nationwide slang, it is principally utilized in locations Pittsburgh, California, and Chicago.

What’s an op on Tiktok?
On the web, OP typically stands for ‘Authentic Poster. ‘ That is used as a approach of referring to the person who first uploaded a submit, or began a dialog thread.

What op means in anime?
OP is brief for OPening theme, with ED being EnDing theme. They’re the songs in the beginning and finish of the songs, alongside the animation reels that run alongside them.

How do I do away with op?
The /deop command is used to take away the operator standing from a participant. As soon as the operator standing has been eliminated, the participant will now not be capable to run recreation instructions similar to altering the gamemode, time, climate, and many others (see additionally /op command).

Easy methods to teleport in Minecraft?
Simply kind their username earlier than the coordinates — so in case you’re attempting to teleport a participant named JohnDoe, you will kind: /tp JohnDoe 70 70 70. And if all you need is to teleport your self to JohnDoe (or another participant), simply kind: /tp JohnDoe.

What’s at y 0 in Minecraft?
Altitude may be expressed as the underside face of the block layer, the underside most of which is at Y-coordinate 0, or Y=0. Sea degree would seem at Y=63, and cloud degree would seem at Y=128.

Can women have Rizz?
Nevertheless, ladies and queer people can actually have rizz as properly—it actually comes right down to confidence.

What’s the S or P recreation?
Smash or Go is a recreation during which individuals vote on whether or not they would smash (hook up with) or move (not hook up with) one other individual (e.g., movie star, stranger) primarily based on an image or video of them. Able to get your emotions damage?

What’s op in FIFA?
It sometimes means overpowered within the context of FIFA and different video video games. It might additionally imply authentic poster, typically used right here on reddit or different boards to explain the individual that began the conversational thread.

What does MP stand for?
[member of Parliament] : an elected member of a parliament. MP. 2 of two.

What does op imply in Kpop?
OP means Authentic Poster. When somebody posts the knowledge and a dialogue breaks out within the feedback, folks seek advice from the one who posted as “OP”.

What’s op in Reddit slang?
On Reddit, OP stands for Authentic Poster, i.e. the person who began the thread.

What does op imply in youtube chat?
OP means Over Powered. It’s used to understand your self or your teammates whose expertise shocked you.

How do you’re taking an op away from somebody?
this command doesn’t require a reload of your ops file. To take away op from a participant, use the ingame command: /deop (username)

What does CB imply in Minecraft?
Condensed Blocks is a modification to Minecraft that provides additional blocks created with 9×9 stacks of things, enabling customers to retailer extra objects in the identical stock house.

What’s F2 in Minecraft?
Screenshots are photos taken in-game by urgent the (by default) F2 key or Fn + F2 for Macs and another keyboards. Screenshots are robotically saved within the “screenshots” folder inside the . minecraft listing. Like different management keys in Minecraft, the screenshot key could be custom-made (in “Choices.. Controls…

What’s a Rizz God?
A rizz god or rizz lord displays mass quantities of rizz and is extremely profitable of their makes an attempt to flirt. Rizz god is commonly used as a praise to explain somebody after they act efficiently, often involving success in touchdown a sexual or romantic curiosity.

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