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One of the most popular sports worldwide is definitely Formula 1. Fast cars, top drivers and the thrills that this motorsport produces are the things that are always provided to the top level.

This year’s calendar is consisted of 19 races hosted all over the globe. As usual most of them are taking place in Europe, however, latest global diversity provided many races in Asia as well.

Personally, I always watch F1 live online as this way I can surf through different varienty of channels whenever I want to. The most popular TV stations that broadcasts this sport are Sky Sports, BBC, Speed, RTL and ORF. On all this channels you are able to enjoy racing of all eleven teams and all five world champions (Hamilton, Button, Raikkonen, Alonso and Vettel).

Online there are some features available for you to choose from in order to watch f1 live on your pc for free. You can choose between numerous streams and also programs which provide you even more goodies. Some of them will have low quality picture but there are also others which produces qualities of high resolution known in short as HD.

Why you should watch f1 live online can be discussed for ages but just the fact that these cars are in fact technologically the most advanced ones should make that difference. Of course there are also drivers that are by skill ranked as the best in the world class measures. Most known and popular teams are Ferrari, Mclaren, Lotus, Mercedes and Red Bull who is lately the strongest of them all. Ferrari is in the sport since its first steps back in 1950s and has won almost quarter of all races. Actually, Michael Schumacher was the driver who won for them five consecutive world championship titles.

As said before, in 2013 season there are 19 races scheduled to take place. Most popular ones are the following ones: Melbourne (Australia), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Montreal (Canada), Silverstone (Great Britain), Nurburgring (Germany), Spa Francorchamps (Belgium), Monza (Italy), Austin (USA), and last but not least Interlagos (Brazil). Visiting F1 race in live can be one of the greatest lifetime experiences. Seeing cars flew by you with more than 300+ km/h  is something that can hardly be described. Until now I visited a Formula One race in live twice, however, in the future I’m planning to do this more often. For this year, Hungaroring venue is the next one on my schedule.

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