The Worry of Women Runners

Some women did not want to run, the main reason was the fear of robbers. But if you thought over the situation cautiously, you could find that the fear of robbers was unreasonable. Some women worried that their muscles would become stiff.
For the fear of robbers, there were no fundamental reasons. The robbers ought to know that a runner would not bring some valuable things, no matter a male or a female. Now that there were many filled wallets and jewelry person, so why you grab a water of victims. In addition, the robbers could find that there were so many people sitting on a chair or just strolling, why to pick up a floating target. And she also could run in front of you. However, it would not be sensible to run in a devious place after dark.
Even this one was not static. A woman who ran along the river park for a few years in New York had never been troubled by anybody. Some people just like to do bad things. You don’t have to put them in teams, you just need to keep them far away from you. A lot of methods can keep them far away from you. Once I saw a woman in Central Park holding a four inches long needle, there was no cap on it. She looked horrible, as if she could stab people at any time. The men who ran in the same track with her all kept far away. I knew I was the kind of person. There was also a woman running with a big stick in her hands. When some people planned to run, they would bring a beating dog or a whistle with them. Running with another person, whether a man or a woman, this would be an effective method of deterrence. Running with big dog also could play such a role.
Another danger that women worried about was the body damage. As what I have said in the third chapter. Not long ago, a doctor who wrote in the “Playboy” magazine that jogging was the most dangerous form of sport. He said that for women, it could make the uterus dislocate and the ligament of breast apart. This made he breast like the deflated gas balloon, which was hanged down. I have talked these dangers with many doctors; they all have expressed their bewilderment. From the medical literature; you could never find the reasonable conclusion. On the contrary, women said that running made their breasts stronger than before. It was because that the movement of the two arms made the chest muscles stronger. I talked with many women, but nobody said that there was something wrong with their uteruses.
Many women feared that their muscles would become stiff, it seemed like a block of hard lump. The fact was that women runners and men runners were the same, their muscles would never become stiff. You can look at a woman’s legs carefully when you see a woman running on a road. You will see the soft and beautiful shape of long muscles, rather than uplift muscles. And, no matter how laborious her exercise program is, how long a time she takes and how fast her speed is, her leg muscles always keep it that way.
In order to improve the running result, some women even likes to try the weightlifting. But a man named Jack Weir Mo of the National Athletic Health Institute stated briefly that strong muscles were not equal to large chunks. He said that the result gave the contrast illusion of the comic books, a emaciated child on the beach could be the same to a villain who ever kicked sand in their faces, even stronger than a villain. Due to the work of famous female athletesScience Articles, Weir Mo said that some women’s force increased by 44 percent without the increase of muscles.

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