Online Sportsbook favorites to win Super Bowl XLVIII: Week 5

NFL Week 5 just ended and its time to review the numbers on the odds to win the Super Bowl XLVIII and we are going to review the top 5 Teams according to their performance over the past weeks.

Now that the NFL season its on and the heat and the games stakes are rising up, the lines and the odds from las Vegas linemakers and many online sportsbooks are moving their lines up and down with a more clear view of what going on in NFL, one of the favorites sports in the world and the one that moves the online sportsbook industry life and on week 6 we can have a better picture of what teams are the favorites to win the 2013 – 2014 Super Bowl on the different online sportsbooks.

Denver Broncos are now taken the lead on every online sportsbook due to a great performance during the last weeks and clearly because of Peyton Manning killing records and statistics and the odds are moving on their favor to claim the Lombardi Trophy and continue to look good on every game they play with an unstoppable offense lead by Manning been the first team on the AFC West with 5-0-0 and the odds are 5/2.

Seattle Seahawks are also doing a great job and moving the odds on their favor, with a great defensive strategy and a great home field advantage, Seattle its taken also the lead on the online sportsbook charts heading second on the live odds due to their great performance over the last season weeks with a 5-0-0 as well and increasing the chances to make great online sportsbook wagers for the fans Seahawks at 6/1. Also according to las vegas insider, New Orleans Saints also are on the top of the list and sharing the same odds with the Seahawks at 6/1 due to their great performance as well during the last weeks taken the 3rd spot on the charts of many online sportsbook sites.

The next teams on the list accordingly to their positions in number fourth we have the San Francisco 49ers with the online sportsbook odds at 10/1 are doing the best to keep on the lead under Seahawks and look very solid over the last weeks. Also and still on the top 5 leading teams for the season 2013 – 2014 we have the New England Patriots at 12/1 approximately, with a 4-1 are on top of the AFC East and with dominant performance lead by Tom Brady.

The season its bringing a lot to the online sportsbook fans and still more to come, of course its to soon to talk about who team will be getting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season, but I’m really sure that many surprises are to come and we, the online sportsbook fans will have a lot to talk, say and share about our favorite teams, that even if I’m just providing you with some stats and general information there are still twenty seven great teams out there given the battle on a season that its on dippers at this moment when in sports everything can change and move in favor of the best sport in the world.

There are many sources, information and news about the performance, odds and more from the online sportsbooks and much more that could be relevant for you to make a decision, so please take your timeFeature Articles, select the best option accordingly to the things you want and check you provider to obtain more information about the lines available for you that may vary from site to site.

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