Favourite Hobby Top 3 Indoor Sports

You can choose between many sports for your favourite hobby. Some are played indoors, some outdoors, however, futsal, basketball, and ice hockey are the most popular ones. Both, professionals and amateurs that have sport as a hobby like to attend this exercises.


Indoor soccer or so called futsal is a variant of football that is mainly played indoors on a smaller pitch which is in similar sizes like the one that is used for handball. Creativity and good technical abilities with the ball are the main two characteristics that every player needs if he wanted to be good. The ball here is smaller than in the regular outdoor football where the ball size is 5 and here it is 4. The best players in this sport are not surprisingly from Brazil, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Argentina and Russia. Among players, Falcao is the name that stands above the rest, and deserves to be mentioned first. These players are magicians of football tricks. In general this sport is played the most on playgrounds all over the globe.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world, especially in USA and Europe. Probably, there is no need for me to describe you the main characteristics of the game, but still, lets put down some words about the main things about this sport. There are two major leagues in the world. First one is NBA that is played in USA, and the second one is Euroleague that is taking its spotlight in Europe. In rule books, there are some differences between this two leagues. Like for the example three point line which is in NBA set 7,25 metres from the basket, but in Euroleague half a meter less. Despite that and some other things rules are pretty much the same. Best players of this sport comes of course from the USA, names like Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson and nowadays Kobe Bryant or Lebron James, all deserves to be remembered. Also there are some great players from Europe, I would say that Drazen Petrovic was probably the best player from this continent of all time. For me basketball is definitely on my top three favourite hobby list.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the most popular winter sports. People like to call it as the fastest team sport. Biggest amount of hockey players that are in the same time the very best come from large variety of countries such as Canada, USA, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia and some other countries from Scandinavian and middle part of the Europe. Interestingly, the best player (that is not the goalie) of the last NHL season comes from small, but still very sporty nation called Slovenia. Of course I’m talking about the LA King Kopitar. As it seems there won’t be a season of NHL this year, because of money conflict between players and league leaders, I can’t wait for World Cup 2013.

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